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Links to articles regarding: S. Carolina collaborative successes

  • News Article: How One Health System Overcame Resistance to a Surgical ChecklistHarvard Business Review, May 2019 
  • Research Article: Scaling Safety: The South Carolina Surgical Safety Checklist ExperienceHealth Affairs, Nov. 2018 
  • Research Article: WHO Surgical Safety Checklist Modification: Do Changes Emphasize Communication and Teamwork?Journal of Surgical Research, Oct. 2018 
  • Research Article: Ten Years of the Surgical Safety ChecklistBJS Society, May 2018
  • Research Article: Mortality Trends After a Voluntary Checklist-based Surgical Safety CollaborativeAnnals of Surgery, Dec. 2017
  • Press Release: South Carolina hospitals see major drop in post-surgical deaths with nation’s first proven statewide Surgical Safety Checklist programHarvard School of Public Health, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, April 2017 
  • News Article: New study shows surgery checklists in South Carolina saved patients’ livesThe Post and Courier, April 2017 
  • News Article: Making checklists work: South Carolina's statewide experiment, Modern Healthcare, Jan. 2016
  • Research Article: Implementation of the Surgical Safety Checklist in South Carolina Hospitals Is Associated with Improvement in Perceived Perioperative Safety, Journal of American Surgeons, Jan. 2016
  • Research Article: Surgical Team Member Assessment of the Safety of Surgery Practice in 38 South Carolina HospitalsSage Journals, March 2015