Real Time, Care Coordination Improves Efficiency and Patient Care

To further its mission to improve the financial viability of Louisiana’s hospitals through cost-effective and innovative programs and services, ShareCor is sponsoring an Encounter Notification Service® (ENS®) called the Louisiana Health Information Network ENS (LHIN-ENS). This real-time, care-coordination tool contributes toward more efficient transfers of care and reduced readmissions.

LHIN-ENS will deliver data to ShareCor to enhance its analytics and reporting services to its customers and will enable providers to receive alerts for beneficiaries who have been admitted, discharged or transferred from a hospital emergency department (or other care settings) in real-time. LHIN-ENS will provide the opportunity to identify where patients are receiving care throughout the state, regardless of electronic health record vendor or hospital system/network.

LHIN-ENS can easily fit into the strategic care management aims of health organization and will improve the timeliness and ease of receiving critical health notifications for the patients served. It also serves as a powerful tool to coordinate care for patients, reduce hospital readmissions, obtain better outcomes for high-risk populations, identify where patients receive care, and improve patient and provider satisfaction.