Committees, Councils and Task Forces

Below is a list of some of the Committees, Councils and Task Forces of the Association. If you would like more information about these or other LHA groups, call 225-928-0026.  

Legislative, Regulatory & Policy Council (LRPC):

The LRPC was established in 2001 to enable the LHA to improve performance and coordination of the existing policy development process in several key areas: 1) more timely and accurate identification of issues; 2) increased involvement of the membership in policy matters, both in identifying issues and influencing positions to be taken; and 3) better utilization of Board responsibilities and resources in the development of policy.

Finance Committee:

This committee is responsible for providing financial oversight for the LHA and the LHA Management Corporation. The committee's responsibilities include periodically reviewing the financial statements, budgeting process, investment strategies, and annual audit report and reporting to the Board of Trustees recommendations as deemed appropriate.

Physician Leadership Council: 

This council participates in developing policy and positions regarding matters affecting the provision and delivery of care, patient safety, quality improvement and corresponding regulatory requirements; in developing public policy and advocacy initiatives that are mutually beneficial; in helping hospitals to better manage care; and in optimally aligning both physicians and hospitals clinically and financially.

Managed Care/Workers' Comp Advisory Group (MCAG):

The Managed Care Advisory Group provides expertise in managed-care reimbursement, care coordination (utilization review) issues and workers' comp.