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LA ESF8 - Workplace Violence Training - Lafayette

TARGET AUDIENCE: Organizations are encouraged to send an interdisciplinary team comprised of staff who are or will be involved in the development and management of Workplace Violence Programs (WPV) programs. This includes, but is not limited to, safety and security directors, risk management staff, emergency department and inpatient behavioral health managers, human resources and employee health staff. This training is also open to EMS providers, outpatient healthcare providers along with others who routinely conduct business in a healthcare setting.

COURSE OBJECTIVE: Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to describe how to develop a comprehensive WPV program from the ground up. Participants will begin the development of their plan by analyzing current efforts, examining resources needed to build or expand and existing program. Attendees will also learn about tools they need sustain their program in the long term, including senior leadership support and other key resources necessary manage, implement, and carry out their program.

COURSE OVERVIEW: The focus of this interactive workshop is the development of effective and sustainable WPV programs.  Attendees will participate in group-based work with the goal of developing or enhancing a WPV program for their facility. Workshop content is based on information and tools provided in the Oregon Workplace Safety Initiative Workplace Violence in Healthcare: A Toolkit for Prevention and Management that can be accessed will be provided to registrants. NOTE: at least on participant from each facility is encouraged to bring a laptop. 


Ms. Enos offers over 20 years of experience in developing, implementing and evaluating custom designed programs for the prevention and management of occupational illness and injury for over 200 companies.  Services such as, ergonomics and human factors workplace analysis, design, modification, and training, development of violence prevention and safe patient handling programs, policy development, ergonomics audits, and injury case management, are available to a variety of health care, business and industrial clients. These clients include hospitals, outpatient clinics, dental clinics, manufacturing, semi-conductor, office environments, restaurant and food services, temporary employee services, and municipalities.




8:00- 9:00

Introductions, Agenda, Background

9:00- 10:00

Understanding Workplace Violence (WPV) in Healthcare

10:00- 10:15


10:15- 11:30

Defining the Need for or Enhancing WPV Program

11:30- 12:30

Working Lunch: Hazard Identification & Assessment

12:30- 1:15

Hazard Control and Prevention

1:15- 2:00

Developing the Program

2:00- 2:15



Implementing and Evaluating the Program

3:00- 4:00

Program Improvement and Sustainability

4:00- 4:30 pm

Wrap up and Evaluations

The LHA will make every effort to provide reasonable accommodations for physically-challenged attendees who require special services. When registering, please attach a written description of needs to the application.

LHA# M1941107
11/20/2019 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
National EMS Academy 2916 N. University Lafayette, LA 70507 UNITED STATES

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The LHA will make every effort to provide reasonable accommodations for physically-challenged attendees who require special services. When registering, please attach a written description of needs to the application.