Provider Enrollment

Provider Enrollment is a solution to help your providers be enrolled faster.

We enroll your practitioners on your behalf.
  • Gather data and documents necessary;
  • Submit your application promptly and accurately; and
  • Follow up regularly to expedite approvals.
We take care of the re-enrollment process.
  • Submit re-credential applications to health plans, if necessary;
  • Generate rosters for health plans;
  • Manage CAQH accounts and attestations, as required; and
  • Keep your providers' documents updated continuously.
We provide information you will need for billing and reimbursement.
  • Develop detailed work-flows for each health plan's requirements, and
  • Track status and approval dates for each application.
Enrolling your providers one week faster pays for the service! If you would like more information, click here or call (866) 908-0070.